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Rumba Pa Matrix

Rumba Pa Matrix

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Streaming Set "Rumba Pa' Matrix". Inaugurando exposición de Arte Cubano "Silet_Specific" en Instagram. Link: 

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Pioneer Of The Hip Hop Movement In Cuba, Nilo MC is combining a powerful range of melodic sounds from Cuban Son to Hip Hop, Reggae and Electronic Music and an unmistakable Rap Style. His first album contains everything from a tribute to Compay Segundo to a collaboration with the classic cuban band Vieja Trova Santiaguera and the smash hit "Se Prende El Carro" with Orishas. He has been nominated with his first album "Guajiro Del Asfalto " for the best Hip Hop Album of the year for the Latin Grammys. He has been the support Act for artists as acclaimed as Manu Chao, has performed at every major Spanish Festival and both acted and performed in the critically acclaimed film "Machin. Toda Una Vida”- He has collaborated with great artists such as Peret, Huecco and others. Currently, Nilo MC prepares the release of his fourth album and also presents his solo show (DJ Soundsystem) showing us new productions and remixes under the generic title of "CubanBass" continuing his line of mixing traditional Cuban with popular international und latin avant-garde dance music such as Tropical Bass, Moombahton, Nu cumbia and others.